Need Help To Name A Small Spanish Restaurant

I am opening a small Diner-Bakery Type Coffee Shop in MEXICO. I will serve a simple breakfast menu (bacon, eggs, pan potatoes & toast, french toast, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches & crepes), homemade cupcakes, squares, cakes & pie (apple, coconut cream, lemon meringue, etc) and coffee with specialty creams and liquers (alcohol), smoothies (fruit & veg), milkshakes and daily special/comida economica daily (one american & one mexican style) and will have SUBS & SALADS … it will in a location on the bottom floor of the local mall (small 2 story & we are below Cinema) in an end unit! Everything homemade & delicious. Decor Chocolate & Aqua Blues (light & Dark), comfy small leather chairs. Wanted something in spanish that would work … EVERYONE knows my name but cannot put it together in my head … Cora …. HELP. Food made with Love, Delicious & Fresh, sometimes healthy and Quaint & Comfy Place. MOST here are called Cafes so trying to find something different … HELP!!!!


Jay’s Answer:

  • Cocina de Cora (Cora’s Kitchen)
  • Cora Fresco
  • Trata de Cora


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