Unique Ideas For The Classroom – Where To Begin?

I have created some very good and unique ideas for education/ elementary level. I have developed specific songs and dances to be used in the classroom to enhance learning. (Particularly in social studies) The children had fun with the lessons, learned the material quickly, and retained it!! I have been teaching for 19 years and would like to share/ sell these ideas. Why should only a few children benefit? I would like to make a DVD and market it. Where or how do I begin???


Jay’s Answer: It sounds like you have some experience with one classroom using your materials to great success. The next step would seem to try this in multiple classrooms to ensure it works well and “test out” your material. So, one suggestion is to create a “first edition” of your materials and offer them for free to a local school district to use (in exchange for you watching how the kids use it, and with the ability to get footage of them using it for promotional materials). With your “first edition”, also create a series of shorter videos and upload to social media sites (YouTube, etc.) to simply showcase your ideas. If you have the funds, hire some SEO experts to help you get more views and traffic to your website (you’ll need one of these, too) and FB/Google+ pages. Finally, consider showcasing your program at national/regional/local elementary school conferences (such as the NCAEE, NAESP, etc.).

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