Starting a Woman Owned Construction Company

As a woman that owns a construction co. In a field dominated by men, what would be the best way to get an advantage by being a female in this field. Are there grants or any advantages to my favor, that I can use to get a leg up on the competition. How do I promote the fact that I am a woman in the field but also surrounded with great construction minded people? Starting up is very trying, do you have any suggestions to assist me in getting my co. rolling?


Jay’s Answer: There are a number of directories you may choose to list your business in, for example:,,,,, etc.

But first consider what you want your primary benefit to be: a woman-owned business or a great construction company? Are the clients you’re trying to attract looking for a woman-owned business (because they’re women) or does your gender not really enter into their equation?

Finally, are all your employees women as well (so you can use a line like “Woman Know How To Build Homes Better”)?

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