Mexican Influenced Bakery And Coffee House

I would like to open a bakery/coffee house near a tourist spot in San Diego called Old Town, a historic state park, where the Spanish settlers established a mission — there’s museums, Mexican restaurants, and shops selling pinatas, wrestlers masks, ceramics, etc. This bakery will focus on freshly made desserts with a Mexican influence, such as Tres Leche Cake, Tequila Cake, Churros, Chilli Chocolate Cupcakes (spicy), Brownies, Dulce de leche pie, etc. Contemporary twists on traditional recipes in a festive, casual setting. One name I’m thinking about is “El Panadero Borracho” which is the drunk baker in Spanish. Any name and tagline suggestions? Thanks!


Jay’s Answer:  “El Panadero Borracho” could work well, or not depending on if the tourists “get” that you’re a Mexican Bakery. If need be, add “The Drunk Baker” as the name in parentheses, for example:

El Panadero Borracho (The Drunk Baker)

If you’re unsure what people think of the name, consider spending time around Old Town, and asking the tourists (and/or creating a pop-up bakery stall).

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