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I need a business name, I am getting certified as a life coach. I want to specialize in helping people forgive their past, and start to appreciate all that is good in their life. I want to help them to dream again. To find their passion. Thank you so much


Jay’s Answer:  As I’ve advised a number of life coaches, many people aren’t looking through the phone books for a life coach. They’re not looking for someone to forgive their past, etc. They are looking for: wealth, happiness, health, etc. So, your marketing needs to reflect what people are looking for. If your business name is too “new age-y”, then you’ll attract a certain type of clientele. Too “professional”, and you’ll attract a different type. While not a “wow”, why not use your name and a straightforward tagline?

Jane Smith
Certified Life Coach


Jane Smith
Let Coaching Bring More Joy Into Your Life

Also, here’s a response I gave a life coach asking a similar question to yours’ from a number of years ago:

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