Name/tagline For Annual Educational Fundraiser

Need name/tagline for annual fundraiser event to increase visibility of nonprofit educational mission and call to action to existing and potential sponsors to make a difference for low income English Language Learner students who will be first generation to complete high school and aspire to college education. Nonprofit has annual fundraiser event targeting companies, organizations and individuals to become sponsors so we can fund free math acceleration programs (offered through school districts) as catalyst to under-served students to optimize their skills to complete high school, with ultimate goal to enter college. Math skills have been identified as key gatekeeper in preventing these students in completing high school and in college-readiness. The Issue and Opportunity: Low income and minority students have the lowest high school graduation rates in Santa Clara County, with less than 70% of Latino students graduating from high school. Traditional education is not providing the support and resources that low income, immigrant English Language Learner students need to complete high school and go on to succeed in college. With educational budget cuts in California, many of our school districts do not offer the full A to G curriculum to support these students. ALearn designed Math Acceleration, Math Plus and Catalyst to High School programs focused on improving students math skills and provide introduction to high school with emphasis on study and organizational skills as well as motivation to attend college. ALearn also provides free college mentoring social networking website. Our partners in “Catalyst to High School” and “Catalyst to College” mentorship programs include Cal-SOAP, educational foundations and school districts.


Jay’s Answer:  How about “Every 1 Counts”? It’s a play on words (“Everyone matters”) but also brings to mind the math & personal angle of your fundraiser. You can add a tagline for the event such as “Every 1 Counts: A Fundraiser for”

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