Fall In Love With Your Marketing

Inspire Love In Your Marketing

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You have likely heard the “usual” advice on how to market your products and services: identify a clearly unique benefit that your target audience is desperately searching for. Are they in pain? You offer quick pain relief. Looking for extra income? You have a tried-and-true system. It’s basic lock-and-key thinking. But people aren’t ruled by logic, and what seems like a logical approach often fails. What can you do?

You need to appeal to people’s emotions, since the world of choices is seldom black-and-white. You can create comparison tables, case studies, infographics all to highlight how wonderful your offering is (and better than the competition). How people decide in a “gray” world is with emotions (whether they’re aware of it or not). And once the basic needs in someone’s life are met (food, water, shelter, safety) the next one is ultimately love. People want to feel more love in their life – but it doesn’t have to be perceived as romantic love. For some, love feels like safety. For others, it’s freedom – or connectedness – or strength – or confidence.

So, consider how your marketing makes people feel. What words do you use? Images? Colors? Stories? What about your body language, phone demeanor, or videos? Conveying emotion in your marketing could be as simply as using photos of smiling (or sad) people, or choosing to appeal to people’s senses (“imagine the smell of freshly baked bread…”), or even a genuine “thank you for calling” message.

If you’re not sure how you’re being perceived, ask prospective clients “How likely would you be to deal with me when the time is right?” You’re not looking for “Oh, of course I’d hire you!” You’re looking for a strong resonance between your message and their needs.

If you are passionate in what you offer, then an emotional connection is naturally imbued in your marketing. Make sure to stay true to your business passion.

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