Should We Change Our Business Name?

We have had a business for a couple of years, and are really wanting to change the name.  We specialize in complete residential exterior remodel.  Currently the company’s name is CK Remodeling, LLC.  We have been tossing around Aspect Remodel, or Aspect Construction and Remodel, or Rybuild, LLC (which we are considering purchasing).  Amazingly, nothing has really raised any great interest.  Your opinion on the matter?  Should we just stick with our original name?  Thank you!


Jay’s Answer:  In general, I recommend keeping a name unless there’s a darn good business reason for changing it (i.e., not simply because you’re tired of it). You’ve presumably spent a couple of years building your “good name”, so changing it means you’ll lose the name recognition.

None of the names you list are noticeably better than your existing name – they don’t add any information to the name that would help understand why people would want to hire your services.

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