2 Things Your Marketing Must Convey

2 Key Marketing Strategy Tips

(Photo by JD Hancock)

Let’s say you’ve done your marketing strategy homework. You know specifically who your target market is and where they’re located. You know what makes your offering unique in the eyes of your prospective customers. Do you know what the two key things you must convey in your marketing?

What problem do you solve? You know how wonderful your offering is. You know how much better it is that your competition. You know all the deep specifications or “magical ingredients” you offer. But in the eyes of your customer, this initially doesn’t matter. You must clearly say “This product (or service) solves this problem that you have”. Don’t assume that your target market can connect your offering with their problem. Make it blindingly obvious so they don’t have to think about it. Remember, your target audience is walking around with a set of challenges/problems they are looking to solve. By phrasing your offering in terms of their problem, you make it easier for them to decide if they’re interested in what you’re selling.

How does your solution reduce costs? After answering the “What problem are you solving?”, the next question people will have is “How will this save me money (or time or risk)?” Again, just because you know the nuts-and-bolts of your offering doesn’t mean that your prospects will be able to read your technical specifications or do the math. Make the savings clear, whether it be for: training, mean time between failure, scalability, etc.

These two points are necessary not just for marketing to consumers, but to retailers/distributors as well – they want to know what they need to convey to their customers. Think like your customer to make your marketing much more effective.

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