Name & Tagline for Interior Decorating Store?

I need a catchy name and tag line for a new interior decorating/refinished and re-purposed furniture store. We will also be  offering home services, such as cabinet and furniture refinishing, window treatments, staging, etc. Our location is in an old building on our historic main street. Any ideas?


Jay’s Answer: A name & tagline’s first goal is to make it obvious what you sell and to who. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of time & money trying to educate people what your “clever” name really means. For example, Apple is a great business name, but only because they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars defining their niche.

While you could build a name based on your location in an old building, if you ever want/need to move from that location, then your name may no longer apply.

The services you offer are likely not to be included in your name/tagline – since they may change over time, and really don’t help to distinguish your services/products from others in your region.

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