A tagline for a HR & Recruitment

I need a tag/punch line for our organisation in HR and Recruitment  / consulting business? Would appreciate if you could help with a few suggestions.


Jay’s Answer:  The mistake most people make thinking about tagline is that you can create a “catchy phrase” and suddenly people will remember your business name, and want to hire your services. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

Instead, a tagline is a carefully considered phrase that connects your business name with your target audience by highlighting a key benefit that you offer. That means that to create a great tagline requires a deeper understanding of many issues (your company name, your location, who specifically your target client is, where they are located, what you offer, why they’d hire your services, what you specialize in, what makes you better/different from your competition, when they’d hire you, etc.). Without a deeper understanding of these issues, you’ll get a generic phrase, which could be used for any company similar to yours’, but not yield the results you’re looking for.

Currently it appears that your company’s existing tagline is “Bringing Critical Pieces Together … People!” If so, why would you want to change it? How do you think a new tagline would help your business or change your perception? What do your prospective clients think about this tagline, and what message do you wish they understood instead?

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