Tagline For An Online Parent/Child Boutique

Hi! I’m opening an online boutique for families. I will offer child clothing, tutus, shoes, frilly things; as well as photo jewelry & photo handbags/wallets for parents. Looking for a catchy tagline. The name is “Olive’s Lane” (named after my twins Olivia – “Olive” & Alhena – “Lane”); logo has an olive branch in oval shape with the name inside & twin girl silhouettes at the top. Any ideas?! I’m thinking something cute, posh & catchy. Maybe something that plays with the ‘lane’ part of the name & maybe linking it to a path or road ?!


Jay’s Answer: Since Olive’s Lane doesn’t give a clue what you sell, then a tagline could help make it more obvious (rather than something “catchy” that would further make it obscure). For example: A Cute Family Boutique.

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