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We are an education company that provides a certification program for insurance agents that sell LTC insurance. Once they become certified in their state to sell LTC insurance we want the “next step” to be for the them to become a member of the LTC Inner Circle (our membership site).
The benefits of the membership site:
-Sales and Marketing Training
-Webinar Series
-Late breaking industry news
-Quote & Underwriting engines to show their client
-Access to “Ask the Expert”
-Access to a community of other insurance producers to ask questions.
Basically everything they need to sell LTC insurance after they have become certified.

We want them to feel like they are a VIP when they join, that they get the “inside scoop” on the industry. They have help, coaches, guidance every step of the way. Right now we have a logo that is the shape of a circle with people in it- and it says “Members Only.” Our company that is offering this is called LTC Connection and our company slogan is “We help producers sell LTC Insurance”. The LTC Inner Circle is a way that we continue to “connect” with producers and “Connect” the with tools and resources for selling LTC Insurance.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Become a Leading Salesperson
  • The Smart Way To Stay Ahead
  • Learn What Works From Our Experts

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