Branding Pays

Branding Pays Book CoverWhether you’re a job seeker trying to make yourself stand out, an employee wanting to become more visible, or a company looking to attract new clients – it’s vital that you brand yourself. Branding is making your competitive advantage crystal clear. And Karen Kang’s latest book clearly shows you the five steps to do it yourself:

  1. Positioning: What is your unique and compelling value? Fill in the blanks: For ______ who needs or wants __________, I am ________, who provides ____________, unlike ___________. Make sure you clearly articulate the audience and your uniqueness at solving their needs.
  2. Messaging: What consistent wording explains your positioning? If you’re using a elevator-pitch, fill in the blanks: I (want to) do _________. It’s important because _______. And here’s a clear example __________.
  3. Brand strategy = core values + strengths + personality +  image + promise. This is a combination of rational and emotional elements that you have, aspire to, and matter to your audience.
  4. Ecosystem: Once you have a brand message, you need a way to spread it. The best way is slowly, through a well-connected network. Start from those that you know and trust. If they like your brand, then try business colleagues. If they like your brand, then try the general public. Each level of communication will not only be useful for testing your brand, but helping you to share and validate it to others.
  5. Action plan is the specific steps you’ll take to create your 360° brand. It’s more than just the words you use. It’s a complete marketing plan, every opportunity you have to interact with others – how specifically will you test and share your brand?

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