How To Combat Negative Sentiment Via Social Media

My company is quasi governmental toll road company. Meaning that we have strong legislative ties and are constantly bombarded with negative media and customer complaints about paying their bill.

Everything that I have seen in webinars, company examples, and tips/tricks all focus on when  the customer base generally likes the company. Since we have government ties we are  put into the political realm where very opinionated people like to blast negative comments on  everything and anything. In addition the comments rarely fall under the topic of the post,  making it very difficult to post anything in fear of getting bombarded with “I don’t want to pay my bill”, “you’re stealing from me”, etc.


Jay’s Answer:  It sounds like it’s time for you to be proactive, since people aren’t actively sharing their love for your services. Can you identify people and/or organizations who truly benefit from your toll roads (and remember the way things “used to be”)? Can you figure out how much money/time people are saving using them, and have an animated clock on your website that keeps track of the savings minute-to-minute? When you get a negative post, how do you handle it – publicly or privately? Are the complaints warranted or just people griping?

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