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Deciding to consult again after many years of being in corporate America. My specialty is Business Development;sales & marketing with a Focus on Facilities Solutions (everything to run a building- janitorial, energy, waste & recycling, etc). The name of my business is ‘Divine Design’ because I am divinely guided in all I do. I used the business name years ago when I was doing life coaching and mediation services. I need a TAG line. May you assist?


Jay’s Answer: While you didn’t ask, my first impression of your business name is that it’s not a good fit for your (new) target audience. You selected a name that’s about you and your process, which ultimately your client don’t care about. They care about themselves and their problem. “Divine Design” may have been a name that worked for you as life coach, but for a corporate name, it’s likely not to get you the reaction you’re hoping.

But you asked about a tagline, and a tagline needs to both fit your business name and your target audience’s needs. Given “Divine Design” as a name, you need a descriptive tagline – that makes it clear what you offer. For example:

  • Facilities Solutions Consulting
  • Specializing In Business Development

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