Name For Upholstery Business

We want to branch out and include upholstery services for our clients. My partner is looking for a Cute & Catchy” name for her part of the business; Upholstery. She thinks upholstery by blank, is so over done. She wants it to be unique yet marketable. Any ideas??


Jay’s Answer:  “Cute & Catchy” is only a good plan if your target audience is in love with “cute & catchy” names. Most aren’t. Imagine that someone needs their furniture repaired, or their sofa re-upholstered. Is the name going to suddenly get the business? Unlikely. But it’s the dream for many business owners that the “catchy” name will be enough to attract customers.

Pick a name that clearly states what you uniquely offer. If your services aren’t unique, and you can’t specialize in a specific niche, then consider building on your existing name (if you’re already successful) – such as “The Furniture Hospital”.

“Upholstery by ______” isn’t a good choice either, unless the name in the blank is recognized. Otherwise, who really cares?

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