Name My Saddlery Shop

My husband and I currently run a business each. He is a leatherworker and makes and repairs leather goods as well as horse tack (his current business name is ‘Belt-up leather’). I am a mobile saddle fitter (horses) and sell and fit (as well as repair) used/secondhand saddles (my current business name is ‘Saddle Sense’).

We now have the opportunity to take over a shop so we can have a base to sell our goods (used saddles and handmade leather goods, for example, dog collars, belts, horse tack etc) and provide on-site repair to saddles and other leather goods/horse tack. We are incredibly short of tack shops/saddlerys in this are so I thought we could also sell secondhand horse tack and rider wear in the shop.

The thing is now, I think we need a name specifically for the shop but that will encompass the other two businesses as well. It doesn’t have to make use of our current business names as they can still be separate businesses within the shop (if that makes sense) but the name of the shop really needs to be relevant to all that we do. The businesses are all related but I am really not very creative when it comes to this sort of thing and i can’t seem to find anything that encompasses them all. I was thinking maybe _________Saddlery, but I am extremely open to all ideas! I can’t think of a short-ish tagline either! Not sure if it’s relevant but we are in the UK.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Saddle Up (To Leather)
  • Leather N’ Tack

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