3 Steps To Perfection

Perfect Your Marketing
(Photo by Isaac Lee)

Logically we know there is no such thing as “perfect”, but emotionally most people are constantly searching for it. In your marketing, by showing “perfect” you naturally trigger in your audience feeling of comparison (“How do I stack up?”). And if someone in your audience doesn’t feel like they measure up, you’ve created an emotional opportunity to help fill their “void”.

Here is the three step solution to sell “perfection” in your marketing campaigns:

1. Show perfection. For ideas of how to represent perfection, take a look at people’s Pinterest pins for the keyword “perfection”, or simply show images of beautiful & vibrant people, perfectly organized spaces, or a decorator-designed living space.

2. Ask the simple question “How do you compare?” That’s why people love taking short quizzes to see how they stack up to others. If you simply ask them how do they compare (to whatever ideal you’re offering in your marketing) you’ve created an opportunity to sell to them – if they don’t feel they “stack up”.

3. Offer the solution: “If you want this, we can help get you there!” If money is truly no object, perhaps people can ultimately achieve “perfect”. But likely, getting them to “good enough” will satisfy most of your target audience.

Selling perfection is a double-edged sword. If you’re claiming you can help get people closer to “perfect” then your marketing must also be “perfect”. Great images. No typos. Information presented in an attractive “voice”. If your marketing doesn’t look and feel perfect, then your marketing message will ring hollow. And you’ll have a perfect failure.

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