How To Survey For Potential Franchising

Hi Mr.Jay, Inspired by your patience and excellency towards answering our questions. I am student from India. I need to conduct a MR survey for establishing a franchisee of special steel. I have a great location to do the survey. But what should my questionnaire consist of? who should be my target audience (Customers / existing re-sellers)?


Jay’s Answer: A survey looks easy to write, but it’s quite an art. You need to first understand deeply what the goal of the survey is. Are you trying to simply pre-qualify people to become a franchisee? Or, are you trying to better understand if/when/why they might want to become a franchisee (or not)? Surveys are notoriously a big time waste for most people – that’s why you need to make the survey short, easy to complete, but with the ability to analyze what people are telling you. Also, make sure that all surveys have contact information – so you can reach out to people in case you have specific questions about one of their answers.

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