Help Me Name My Coaching Business

I just started out, a change from being a teacher to a Coach. I  took on many Coaching Lessons, Life Coaching, Business Coaching , Self Esteem Coaching and the NLP Coaching.

Now, I am looking for a great Coaching Name, that will ATTRACT International Clients and will tell as tell them  I able to coach at all areas.  I need you to help me with: A good coaching name and a great tag line.


Jay’s Answer:  Congratulations on your change of career.

A name and tagline won’t perform the magic you’re hoping for. International clients don’t buy a name – they buy a promise of a unique benefit/value that you offer.

That means you need to deeply understand: who specifically might want to hire you, where they are located, why they’d choose you (and not choose any of your competition), what makes you different/special, and when they’d likely want your services. From the answers to these questions (and more) you can begin to not only craft a name and tagline, but also develop an entire marketing strategy to attract clients to you.

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