Cheeky Creative Car Flyers

You know those car flyers that you find on your windshield everyone hates? Unfortunately, I have a client who insists on having them and I’m having a hard time creating a concept that won’t get it thrown in the trash in the first 2 seconds. I would love any ideas or input that anybody had

My client is an multi-location, IPL and skin treatment center in Colorado. This flyer is targeted to men and women (18-40) who are looking for hair removal options. They are a professional but fun brand that doesn’t mind getting a little cheeky. They would like the flyers to be used at any time of the year so, unfortunately, seasonal concepts won’t work.

The flyer is roughly half-page but can be cut to an appropriate shape if it suits the concept.

So far, my ideas have been to either admit the fact that everyone hates car flyers but try to play with it: “what do you hate more, car flyers or body hair? We can help with one of those” – or – Something clever and/or sexy enough to override their frustration and show something they might actually appreciate: EG, a bikini bum/crotch or showing a smooth, sexy leg with the headline “Dare to bare”

Other ideas include playing on the “Say no to fur” concept.

Admittedly, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. I appreciate your ideas, headlines or cleverness.


Jay’s Answer:  Instead of a flyer that’s likely to be discarded, gift them with something that may be appreciated – a special rag to clean windows or a glass cleaner. The car flyers are totally a numbers game – you hope that the right person will read them. Can you instead better target the people in the area (PPC or Google Display Network)? Can you offer a special lottery for the first “N” people who contact?

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