New Tagline For Travel Website

Here is the link to our website ( We just relaunched with a new logo and are in search of a new tagline.

In case you didn’t go to our About Us page, we are an online, crowd sourced travel magazine. We have over 50 writers who contribute articles and photos about the trips they take and the cities they live in. We also post video of destinations around the world. Featuring where to eat, sleep and play in each city or country.

The tagline needs to represent 2 things: inspiration to travel and ability to book travel.

Our audience is 34-64 yrs. in age and mostly single women who make over $100,000.00 US, annually. We also have a smaller family market that comes to our site. We do have international traffic, but our largest audience is US based.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Travel In Style With Confidence
  • Explore Unique Destinations
  • Get Away From It All

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