How Long Should Your Newsletters Be?

How Long Should Your Newsletters Be
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How long your newsletter should be is based of the perceived value of what you’re saying. If you’re sharing a cure for a perceived painful condition, your reader will spend more time reading. But since most of your newsletters won’t be full of amazing discoveries, my rule is: Short enough to convey the message, and long enough to have some details.

Since everyone is deluged with emails and newsletters, if you make it obvious that a quick read won’t take more than a minute or two – your readers are more likely to read your writing (since it’s not such a large risk of their time). But if you waste their time too often, they’ll stop reading and/or unsubscribe.

Remember: It’s not really about length at all. It’s really about how effectively compelling your writing is.

P.S. This advice applies not only for newsletters, but also: emails, advertising, and speeches.

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