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I am going to start a new company,in collaboration with other companies that will deal with pure consulting services, related to IT, Travel, Real Estate and so on.  This is going to be the mother company, with different brands working with it, like and immigration…
2.IT, web designs, software…
3.Real state…

Our USP would be the honest and transparent services delivered that exceeds the customer expectations with value for money.

Kindly suggest a simple and catchy name for people to spell and understand, with a simple and effective punchline.  We need to have a one stop solution consultancy firm. To begin with, we will start with IT , immigration and Travel. Name of Parent company well in will be in the invoices issued …. Our Customers are supposed to know the brand like: Lux Soap..  is a brand…  mother comp is… ITC :D, same way

The invoice will be issued by the  name of mother company and it will be controlling the brands(IT &  Travel) Our USP would be..  Value for money…..  and Honest/true advise/services.  And if this does not make things clear, please suggest, what feature/quality they seek in a new service provider ….to ditch their old one..


Jay’s Answer: An umbrella company name generally serves to unite similar brand niches (with a overarching brand promise) or is simply a business entity which owns companies for investment purposes. While you have a planned promise (transparent/exceeds expectation) – it’s not a USP – a unique selling proposition (or a unique benefit). Since the promise isn’t unique or targeted, in the minds of prospective clients – it’s likely not to be trusted (because it’s expected/generic). Since the sub-companies aren’t related by target market, uniting them under a branding promise won’t “stick” either.

So, my suggestion is if you must combine the entities, then pick a name that’s generic, and add your generic “promise” to it. It will make it easier to grow, won’t cause problems for you in the future, and won’t be a memorable name by itself. Instead, create great on-target names & taglines for each of the entities, and add “…a division of My Company” to make the mental link.

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