Name My Coaching & Yoga Business

I am trying to start a business in Self Empowerment Coaching, Yoga and Meditation. Just can’t think of a name. any help is very much appreciated.


Jay’s Answer: Picking a name requires a lot of forethought. You need to first think like someone who doesn’t know a thing about you (and perhaps what you offer):

  • Why would they be interested in what you’re offering?
  • Who are they?
  • Where are they located?
  • Why would they choose to work with you?

From this initial research, you then need to figure out how you want to be seen in the (business) world. What’s your style? What are your requirements?

With both of these understood, you can begin the process of crafting a name – whether that be something generic (“Self Empowerment Coaching”), regional (“Self Empowerment Coaching of Peoria”), aspirational (“Feel Better Coaching”), etc.

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