Reducing Overwhelm

Reducing Overwhelm Is Good For Business
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Every day we are all inundated with choices. What clothes to wear? Which email to read? Which product to buy? Which client to call? Most people choose to go with their default – whatever they’ve done before they’re likely to do again. So, how can your marketing break through your prospective client’s overwhelm?

Give ’em less to think about.

The more choices you provide in your offerings, the more indecision you create, and the less likely they’ll buy from you.

Instead, make your offerings clearly black-and-white. Simplify the choices. Take extreme positions. Make it seem that it’s obvious what your prospective customer should choose. By reducing choices you make your options simpler to understand and clearly articulated.

The shorter the (mental) distance between where someone is now and where they want to be, the easier it will be for them to choose your path.

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