Burst Their Bubble!

Get Target Market Attention for Your Marketing(Photo by Martin Thomas)

Everyone is truly in their own world. People are focused on their needs & their problems. Online, this is exacerbated with search engine filter bubbles (search engines that show information that the searcher is likely to be interested in and agrees with their viewpoints). So, how can you burst people’s attention bubbles?

First, you need to appear within their bubbles.

With social media more prevalent, people are self-publishing their thoughts all the time, but not interacting as much. That means that people are literally telling you what you need to know to reach them: start a dialogue about the things that they are interested in.

Next, you need to give them a reason to continue the dialogue.

Start your marketing with their problems and gradually shift to your solutions. While your solution may be obvious to you, it’s clearly not obvious to your target audience (otherwise, they wouldn’t have the problem). Explain that your solution is well-tested, safe, guaranteed, and validated by lots of people like them.

The solution to attracting new clients is at your fingertips.

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