Revitalize My School Enrollment

I was running one professional ACCA institute and at the end of the day it stopped for some difficulties like some teachers due payment and student turnover and less new admission. now i wanna have this back in form again. Please do advise how shall I proceed for most cost efficient  advertisement as my first challenge is money!


Jay’s Answer: To get things re-running, you need to start by doing some research about the past:

  • What specifically occurred to make people stop signing up?
  • Who were taking classes?
  • What was the profit for the classes per student?

Then, you need to understand what’s changed now:

  • Where are people signing up for similar classes?
  • Why do they NOT choose ACCA?
  • How can you create a sustainable budget?
  • Are other ACCA institutes experiencing a similar slowdown in business?
  • What have they done?

These actions don’t take money. They take time – which you likely have a lot of. Once you understand the past and present, you can start investing in your business future.

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