Marketing: It’s All In The Details

Marketing is all about details(Photo by Meena Kadri)

Your product is the best. Or it’s the first. Or it’s the newest. Or it’s the cheapest.
Your services are fast. Or they are efficient. Or they are highly creative.
Do any of these statements sound like your marketing message? If so, no one’s likely to believe you (or even pay attention to you).

Stop talking in generalities (everyone else is). Talk in specifics. Here’s how to create a statement (and supporting story) of specific achievements:

  1. Identify the problems, situation, goals, or opportunity that your previous clients  faced.
  2. What did you do to help your clients overcome these problems?
  3. What quantitative or qualitative results did your clients see?

Let’s say you are a caterer. Thinking back to clients that you wow’ed, you might remember Ms. Frances, who hired you at the last minute because their caterer decided to instead cater a wedding reception for a local celebrity. Ms. Frances needed last-minute help, and you were able to create a menu that was also better tailored to the bride and groom’s special dietary needs. So you could say, “Specializing in last-minute tricky catering needs“. But rather than being seen as the “fall-back” caterer, you want to position yourself as the caterer that won’t cancel and will delight. So instead say, “Ensure your catered event will be delicious, highly-customized, and on-budget … Guaranteed!” Your specific story of Ms. Frances will be just one tangible example of how you exceeded expectation, reduced fear, and made your clients successful.

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