How To Increase Kindergarten Enrollment

I am a Marketing Executive in children education. I work in the headquarters dealing with kindergartens branding & marketing. We have 32 kindergartens which are
company own,  in the coming year we are looking ahead to venture into franchising.

At the moment my team mate and i are working on the branding, all kindergartens are heading in for a major renovation to achieve a new look. We are also working on the strategies to enroll more students.

We are different from other kindergartens, we are known as the Multiple Intelligence-based Preschools. We teach children using Multiple Intelligence. The founder of Multiple Intelligence was Dr.Howard Gardner from Howard University.

Being different is good but at the moment we have many competitors which may market
their kindergartens as technology base kindergartens and so on.

Due to that I would  need some advice on how to attract parents to our kindergarten. What can we do or say in our marketing strategies that will boost enrollment. Our tagline is Learning, your child’s way. We believe every child is different and it is important for us to discover their approach  towards learning.


Jay’s Answer: As a first step, I’d suggest talking to your existing clients’ parents and finding out why they chose your organization. After all, they could have chosen one of your competitor’s kindergartens, but they didn’t. It may be because of your Multiple Intelligence curriculum, or it may be something else (price, location, safety, etc.). By asking a number of parents, at a number of different schools, you’ll get some initial insights. From these insights you’ll have some clues about your best path to improve your marketing and build your franchise.

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