How to Leverage Other’s Networks?

I am a mental health author and I am looking for advice on how to find well known people in my field. Once I find these “experts” I would like to tap into their huge network of fans by contributing helpful advice to their fan base through guest blogs, social media posts and article/blog comments.
Do you have any advice on how to find these people and the process itself would be appreciated or know of someone who could help me? If so I would appreciate the help.


Jay’s Answer: Since you’re asking a large favor from people, you need to provide a great reason for them to help you. To start with, why should they trust your advice? What special knowledge do you possess that they would gladly share with their network? If your advice is incorrect, then that may affect their credibility in their network – what promise will you make to shield them from risk? What makes your request especially hard is that the health field is very sensitive to fakery.

To find these people, start by identifying who specifically is reaching the audience you want to connect with, and then offer to write a guest blog article for them. You’ll need to provide samples of your work for them to ensure that the quality meets their criteria.

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