Can Your Marketing Be Too Creative?

Too Creative Marketing.(Photo by Staff Sgt. Pablo Piedra)

People often ask for some help creating something “catchy” – something designed to attract the attention of their target audiences. And with the constant onslaught of marketing messages, creative can help your business get noticed initially. But once people are attracted, what then? More creative? More catchy? No.

Once someone’s been attracted to your marketing, focus on the emotional and financial benefits you offer. Being too creative now can actually backfire – since people can get distracted by your cleverness (entertaining them) and forget to buy from you!

How do you keep their interest in your offer without being (overly) clever? Tell a story of how you’ve helped people like them (or better yet, tell a story of your client’s success overcome a problem they had).

A great story is easily remembered and often retold.

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