Two Slogans, Two Markets, Same Company

Our small apart-hotel will target tourists and business people. Tourists are mostly foreigners and contact us in English, mainly from abroad. Business people represent the domestic market and speak Spanish. Only business people could be repetitive client. Tourist are mainly one time customers. We are thinking at two slogans: one for each market. Is this a good tactic or a dangerous idea? I know the rule that a company should use one slogan only, but, as a customer, I would not bother to see more than one from the same company.


Jay’s Answer: It’s quite possible there’s a way to combine the two taglines. So start your exercise with trying to create the best tagline for each target market. Then, see where the overlap is.

Another option is to create a different website based on where people are viewing your site from – in-country or out-of-country, thereby having an appropriately localized site (English vs. Spanish) – and with different taglines (in different languages).

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