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I am writing on behalf of ‘International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy’. We are a leading institute which provides advanced training to homeopathic graduates and post graduates across the world. Our mentor Dr Rajan Sankaran has done path breaking research in homeopathy called as ‘Sensation Method’. We are conducting a seminar with him and a team of highly experienced international teachers who have individually taken the sensation method into newer paradigms. All these teachers will be talking about the latest developments in the sensation method. All these teachers have over 15 to 20 years of practice and teaching across the world. This seminar will be very helpful to homeopaths – students and practitioners, to learn the latest developments in homeopathy which will help build their clinical skills and make them better equipped to handle challenging cases. We need a title that will stimulate the homeopaths an urge to upgrade their clinical skills that will eventually help them in their practice.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Make Your Homeopathic Practice Sensational!
  • Sensational Homeopathy

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