Pet First Aid/CPR Training Business

I have recently started a Pet First Aid/CPR training business. I teach Vet. Technicians, pet groomers, Kennel owners and pet owners. I would like some help in finding the best marketing outlet to use and advertising that will bring in the best response. I have had some success in cold calling and sending post cards in the surrounding area. What other ideas could i use to reach and build my clientele? The first 6 months business was very good but over the last several months it has been very poor.


Jay’s Answer: Since you’re likely targeting one region, besides cold calling/postcards, what about advertising in pet-related-business newsletters? What about offering to teach a class in their facility for their clientele? What about the local pet adoption agencies? What feedback have you received from previous class attendees? What did they LOVE about your class? Any stories about how your class saved their pet’s life?

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