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Since I have worked with the senior population for many years and have written several articles about how seniors can avoid becoming victims of fraud and phone scams, I now want to publish a monthly print and online newsletter to promote senior safety.

Topics will include tips for staying safe at home, during hospital or nursing home stays, tips for safe travel and how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud or being scammed by telemarketers. The list of available subjects to write about is practically endless. Small local business ads will fund the print newsletter that will be displayed locally in senior oriented businesses and community groups.

Future plans include organizing and holding free Senior Safety Seminars. The seminars will be sponsored and funded by local businesses that cater to seniors. I need a name for the monthly newsletter and matching domain name. My local community area is called South Shore but South Shore Senior Safety Guide seems a bit too long.


Jay’s Answer: Perhaps you could take your basic concept (after you’ve tested it), and use it in other communities as well, localizing the content as appropriate. If so, you could make it:

Senior Safety Guide: South Shore Edition
Senior Safety Guide: Small Town Edition

alternatively, a slight name change to Safer Seniors Guide would allow you to grab the URL ( as well.

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