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I have a friend of mine who is 18 years old who would like to start her own talk show. She will be covering topics such as hot topics, celebrity gossip, national and international news, politics, fashion, health tips and even a segment about animals. Her dream and ultimate goal is to become a news anchor or own her own television show. There are so many people who don’t like watching the news and she wants to bring a unique view to people to show them the news doesn’t have to be intimidating or always about something bad. For those who do not enjoy watching the news she wants her show to be a place where those people can go to be informed and not just hear bad news but good news as well, with a positive atmosphere. Instead of just telling the news reading from a script she wants to make it more personal and conversational so she can relate to her audience, and they can relate to her. The purpose of the show is to provide an informal platform for her audience but at the same time make sure she keeps them informed on what’s going on in the world today. The major obstacle she is facing is finding a name for her show. She goes by the name Shar which will be what most off her viewers refer to her as. She would like a name that is unique and authentic but at the same time, because she is only a teen, she wants a name that’s appropriate for a talk show for a young girl her age. She is very skilled and talented and I truly believe her show will be a great success. The name of the show will reflect who she is and what she is representing which is why this is a very important factor. I am asking for anyone who has any ideas to please help us out! Thanks!


Jay’s Answer:

  • Shar’in is Caring
  • Shar’ing The News

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