Need Name Suggestions For Kid Entrepreneur Chicken Farm

Two little girls (ages 7&8) want to name a chicken breeding business. They liked fancy feather, but it is taken. They hatch and sell chicks. They also sell eggs. Most of their chickens are rare breeds. Their signature birds lay blue eggs, although they don’t want to limit themselves to that breed. They need a name for their farm and would love to get some suggestion. The vibe is fun. They would like to add merchandise to their products in the future. Here are some names they would use to describe their farm: fun, cute, crazy, silly, American, homesteaders.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Feathers & Yolks
  • Yolked & Feathered
  • Clucks & Peeps
  • 2 Little Chicks
  • Chicks With Chix

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