Need A New Name For My Kids Store

I currently sell crocheted kids items, mainly fun character hats. My store name is Stitchy Little Witch. While that is cute, sure, it doesn’t really portray the “kiddy” feel I want it to, even with “little” in the title. Plus the “witch” part confuses people into thinking it’s a Halloween shop. So after a lot of consideration, I have decided to change it.

I have been dubbed the nickname Stitchy because of my shop, so I would highly consider adding “Stitchy’s” at the beginning of my name. That way my old customers would still know it’s me too. I don’t want a name that literally says crochet, hooks, yarn, etc. In my new marketing plan, I am not going to be marketing “crochet”, rather I am going to be marketing “kids hats” and other accessories. Reason being… most people don’t search for crochet. They just want a cool hat, right? :)


Jay’s Answer: If your clientele know you as Stitchy, then it’s tempting to continue to use a version of that name. However, the problem with Stitchy is it may convey that you’re offering kids classes (like “Stitchy Kids” or “Stitchy 4 Kids”). A compromise may be to use a name like “Handmade By Stitchy” (and your frog could be named “Stitchy”). But these aren’t ideal solutions, because it doesn’t convey the cute/kiddy name that would appeal to adults.

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