How Do I Market My Computer Repair Service?

I’m going to be starting a computer repair service. However, I’m not sure how to write articles to generate leads for an audience. How can I find appropriate materials (what kind of news would legitimize my business, that my customers will be looking for) and still market to a local customer base.


Jay’s Answer: Don’t passively write articles and hope that will generate leads for you. You need to pick up the phone and/or walk up to local office front desks. By the time someone needs you, they need to contact someone they trust – not simply a name that’s anonymous. Join a local business networking group. Offer a free or discounted network security check-up. Offer to help repair a local non-profit’s or church’s computers for free or low-cost to generate some PR. Build up a 5-star Yelp following. Are you a certified repair person? If so, make sure you prospects know that you can be trusted. What can you offer your prospects that others can’t/won’t? Weekend repairs? After-hours repairs? Guaranteed repairs? Free equipment swaps to ensure no downtime?

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