Brand Name And Slogans For A Drinking Bottles

Hello. I desire to start a health company business but am struggling to find a name for it. Well,i need a great names for a drinking bottles company, also some products names – creative way people drink water,tea or other liquid and stay hydrated. Company offers a range of innovative drink bottles that are both healthy (eco friendly) and fashionable(luxury). So great hydration solutions and different bottles that will tell their story.

Target public: young fit people and professionals, enthusiastic and inspire to discover different healthy liquid recipes and demonstrate/show their beauty, spiritual wealth and mythical success to others.

I will support some charity partners with a small percentage of sales going toward bringing clean water to the world’s poorest communities or similar.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Bling Bottles
  • High Dration
  • Goddess Bottles (if targeting affluent women)
  • Divine Bottles

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