Branding Norwegian Salmon

I’m looking for a few ideas on how to build a brand for Norwegian salmon. This product is used in restaurant Kitchens and sushi bars, therefore it does not go into any retail space where there is a branding opportunity. Our challenge is that the salmon is sold to restaurateurs who immediately discard all Packaging ( polystyrene boxes) and cut up the fish for grilling or serving raw as sushi. The consumer is the restaurateur. They have about 8 other alternative choices of suppliers for The Identical product. We all receive our salmon from the same farms in Norway.

Would simply placing a plastic tag somewhere on the salmon stating superior quality with a quality “looking” logo be sufficient at differentiating the product and creating a quality brand? Should I brand the outside box instead? Or both? Should our marketing efforts be with the people eating the product in restaurants? There is a miniscule margin of 2.5% on the product and therefore cost is a serious factor of consideration when it comes to Marketing. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


Jay’s Answer:  If your product is identical to the customers, why do people choose to purchase from you? What distinguishes you from your competition – pricing, service, or something else? Do you know who makes the buying decision for the salmon? If it’s administration, then emblazon it on the shipping materials – where staff in receiving will see it. If it’s the chef, then a message with the salmon (don’t make it more difficult for them to prep the product) would make sense.

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