Handmade Bunnies Biz Name

Hello! I’ve been pulling my “hare” out trying to find a catchy shop name. I sew bunnies. Basically a stuffed animal that is on a wooden base and is for decor and not a toy to be played with. (To avoid any responsibility with small parts used.) Because I want to include the word “bunny/bunnies/rabbit/cottontail, etc.”, they all sound like I am a rabbit breeder to me. But “bunny decor” is lame. It seems something that’s memorable (honey bunnies, for example) is toooo mainstream and possibly tricky if I decide to trademark it. My business will be online and maybe a craft show or two. I have a store that will be carrying them, but a shop name is holding me back, and I need to order labels, tags, etc ASAP!

Jay’s Answer: Here are some ideas to get you hopping:

  • Hare’s Looking At You
  • Sew Sew Bunnies
  • Ms. Cottontail’s Cottage

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