Sales Contest Name Ideas?

Can you help me with some internal sales contest name ideas? It’s a premium tobacco brand (Dunhill) and in company-wide competition all employees will be invited to act as brand ambassador converting their friends to the brand. Employees with most conversions will win prizes such as iPhone X. Names can be emotional or completely functional. Client is preferring emotional kinda names.


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Hill Climb
  • Beacon Hill
  • King of the Hill
  • Run for the Hills

Title For CEO Roadshow

I need a great title for my CEO ALL staff roadshow which is on tour to update colleagues on our banking Tranformation programme (our project is entitled Becoming the transformation engine for the Group)


Jay’s Answer: 

  • “Banking on Transformation”
  • “Banking on Service”

Community Hub And Safe Home For Young Mothers

Hello! I am looking to create a strong tag line for a non profit endeavour that I am currently spearheading The Sparrow’s Nest Calgary (or The Nest YYC – still undecided). Mission: Through shelter, community and compassion, we elevate young female led households towards their full potential. Vision: Every child (family?? mother??) thriving in a safe and productive home. Goal: To create a robust community of support and a safe communal home that contributes to successful life outcomes for pregnant and parenting women aged 16-26 years who are overcoming adversity and without support systems. Giving young single mothers the assistance needed to get ahead. A hand up, not a hand out. Home (The Nest) will serve 6-8 women (plus their children 0-3yrs) at a time for a period of up to 2 years. Shared accommodation opportunity in a safe and family-centered environment that provides continuous support and mentorship in parenting and other life skills. Objectives: To provide shared housing and other necessities of life to single mothers and their children who are without external supports, are of low income and/or in need. To strengthen the mother-child relationship and promote the healthy development of each child within our care. To break the cycle of inter generational poverty amongst single mothers (aged 16 thru 26 years) by empowering them to pursue further education and job-readiness/skills training. To increase awareness of the unique challenges and stigmas that young single mothers face and the impact that these have on society at large. This organization will serve young mothers who show ambition and drive to work towards a brighter future for themselves and children through community connections, education and/or employment skills training. Residency is based on an application process with the anticipation that most clients will be referred via social partners (schools, youth serving agencies, etc.). We are looking to create both a fun and outgoing – plus empowering and resilient – brand. A never give up and always work hard type of mentality.


Jay’s Answer: Do you have a marketing/business plan yet for your business? If so, the research you did to create that document likely has the seeds of a great name in it based on interviews you’ve done with likely sponsors/donors. If not, then you’re likely guessing based on your own feeling, rather than your target audience. The name/tagline you choose/create needs to resonate with THEM.

Catchy Name For Suite of IoT Products & Services

The service that needs a name, provides an end to end IoT (Internet of Things) system suite comprising of both devices and platforms for Indian Market. There are 7 solutions within the system, ranging from wearable devices for health monitoring and women’s safety to smart lighting and environmental monitoring.


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Indianet of Things
  • India Hub
  • Connect India
  • India 4.0

Handmade Bunnies Biz Name

Hello! I’ve been pulling my “hare” out trying to find a catchy shop name. I sew bunnies. Basically a stuffed animal that is on a wooden base and is for decor and not a toy to be played with. (To avoid any responsibility with small parts used.) Because I want to include the word “bunny/bunnies/rabbit/cottontail, etc.”, they all sound like I am a rabbit breeder to me. But “bunny decor” is lame. It seems something that’s memorable (honey bunnies, for example) is toooo mainstream and possibly tricky if I decide to trademark it. My business will be online and maybe a craft show or two. I have a store that will be carrying them, but a shop name is holding me back, and I need to order labels, tags, etc ASAP!

Jay’s Answer: Here are some ideas to get you hopping:

  • Hare’s Looking At You
  • Sew Sew Bunnies
  • Ms. Cottontail’s Cottage

Needing A Fun Sales Rep Title Please!

I’m looking for a catchy / fun title for sales reps selling nail products like gel, nail art products etc. The brand is “Oh! My Nails” and it is a brand within my company (Odette Distributors Pty Ltd). The reps will be ladies… Various ages, all within South Africa. I would like to attract FUN and FUNKY, outgoing personalities of all ages. I initially thought of “super agents” but that doesn’t sound very innovative.


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Oh! My Sellers
  • Lady Fingers
  • Handy Agents

Tag Line Help

I own a Christian clothing line called Modest Grace. It is designed with nature and God in mind. My pieces reflect elements of nature that have inspired me incorporated into vintage styles (e.g., I have made a hummingbird coat from a 1960’s stellar dress pattern). Slightly eccentric, stunningly beautiful and bold but vibrantly soft. A tag line I have came up with to date is “A Wardrobe for the Divine” Yet I am not 100% sold on this and am looking for ideas. Thank you!


Jay’s Answer: Why not flip your tagline into “Create a Divine Wardrobe”? Or, “Naturally Vintage Divine Clothing”?

Tagline For Attractive Lamps Made Out Of Bamboo

We are hand making designer lamps from Bamboo within our Resort premises and make them available for guests to purchase. We now intend to market them globally and need your help in arriving a very catchy and yet meaningful tagline. These lamps are normally bought by higher middle class to high net worth people and mostly used for interior decoration. Please help us.


Jay’s Answer: Here are a few ideas for consideration:

  • Unique Artisan Bamboo Lamps
  • Traditional Handcrafted Bamboo Lamps
  • Traditional Indian Artisan Showcase