Catchy Appropriate Names For Cafe Food Stations

We are looking to re-market and brand food service concepts in company operated cafes; college/private school locations. Creative names needed for concepts including: Salad Bar, Pizza/Pasta, Entree, Deli, Grill, International Station, Breakfast, Soup. Trying to tie in healthy, organic (meaning descriptors of items in products-IE Great Grains, etc.), fresh, local.


Jay’s Answer:  Why change from a name that people can recognize into a name that may be vague or confusing?

  • Salad Bar = Eat Your Veggies
  • Pizza/Pasta = Carbo-Load
  • Deli = Carnivores Welcome
  • Breakfast = Rise and Shine

What Pictures To Use For Customer Centricity Campaign On Behaviour

Can you suggest what pictures can be used as teasers as a precursor to announce launch of customer centricity campaign for internal employees. The campaign focuses on being on time for meetings, integrity, putting yourself in customer shoes, civility, honesty, punctuality, stop undermining colleagues in front of customers.


Jay’s Answer: For a moment, ignore the teaser. Focus on the campaign itself. Why is there a need for such a campaign? Is there a company-wide problem that’s causing problems with clients – or is this a problem with a few people within your company? Is there a way you propose to measure where you are now and where you want to get to? Why should your employees care about this issue – other than the fact that management told them to care?

Pleasure Pages Online Adult Entertainment Guide

I am launching an online directory service that caters to the adult market 23+. no gender or racial bias. It is exclusive to adult entertainment ranging from organisers of bachelorette parties right through to swingers clubs etc. It is an online advertising platform that allows a person to tastefully search for the ‘less ordinary’ or even ‘slightly risqué type of service or industry. I am struggling with branding and tagline. I was thinking along the route of Mild to Wild as a theme. Everyone has there own idea of what pleasure is to them and so I am looking at somehow incorporating it. It has to be fun, daring and bold while retaining class.


Jay’s Answer: To Each Their Own (Pleasure)

Meditation And Mindfulness, The Missing Link

I am looking for a good title and tag line to get attention for people to want to take my classes to learn meditation (easily and effortlessly). Currently I say Meditation and Mindfulness is the the Missing Link to health and happiness. It brings the inner connection that makes things happen. rather than expecting outside connections to do the work for you.


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Healing Begins Within
  • Are You Listening?
  • Love Your Life!
  • Scottsdale’s Inner Wisdom Gym

Need Fun, Engaging Titles For Financial Ed Topics

Looking for engaging and catch titles for various financial education topics to be offered at a local high school where we have a student-run CU branch. Topics to be presented in an “ask the expert” casual environment, w/ handouts as well, and will be available for both students and staff. Looking to market so they are enticing for any age to inquire, teen or established adult. Topics so far are: How to but a used car (selection and financing); Credit Reports – the importance of good credit, how to establish and maintain, etc.; Summer jobs (where to look, tips, best foot forward, etc.; and mortgages – preparing to buy a home, etc.


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Got wheels? (or Got a ride?)
  • Give yourself some credit!
  • Who wants a job?
  • Home, sweet home!

Alternative To Ribbon Cutting For Pharmacy Opening

I don’t want another grip & grin boring ribbon cutting for health clinic within a pharmacy. Looking for creative ideas. Background – it is a pharmacy chain, it is in a beach town, the clinic will have a nurse for minor medical advise & treatment, the nurse will be affiliated with a hospital, the event will in in the morning, the space is very small within the pharmacy. I’d like the event to be interactive with for media & customers. we could set up outside.


Jay’s Answer:  Have a wellness fair instead of a ribbon cutting: free classes, product samples, exercise classes, and screenings/measurements (blood pressure, BMI, eye exam, etc).

Name For September Fundraiser For Non Profit

We are looking for a name for our September fundraiser. We are a non-profit schools foundation supporting education. We are located in central WA State which is a very agricultural area, fruit, vegetables, hops, grapes. Big wine and micro-brew business area.

The event previously was called AppleFEST but we are changing it up this year. It will be held on a weeknight at an outdoor location. We will be serving bratwurst and condiments, salads, etc. Oktoberfest like but in September.

Very casual, low key evening with a small silent/dessert auction, live presentation and of course a Raise the Paddle for donations. We considered calling it Harvest Brats & Brews but because of our affiliation with the schools district and students our board doesn’t think this would be appropriate. 


Jay’s Answer: 

  • SeptemberFest
  • SchoolFest
  • HarvestFest