Top 10 Ways To Get Noticed

Here are my rules for businesses to get noticed by (potential) clients.

Do something…

1. … altruistic – People care if you’re trying to help people.

2. … politically incorrect – Challenge the prevailing wisdom.

3. … current – Tie your message to something in the news.

4. … clearly useful – Save a life. Save money. Save time.

5. … personal – Don’t stand on a pedestal. Share your fears and joys.

6. … funny – A humorous story gets passed around often.

7. … transparent – Avoid the “it’s too good to be true”. In your offers share what’s in it for you.

8. … outrageous – Take an idea to an extreme (“Pogo stick Olympic games”)

9. … measurable – Let others be the judge of your work (“Consumer Reports Magazine”).

10 … simple – Use few words. State the essence.

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