How Can I Market A Fishing Program?

My client runs a fishing program – where people get pins, hats, certificates for catching the biggest fish in the State. … What can be done to spruce this thing up to the public: what other types of promotional things could we do with the email lists received from the program? What else can be done to earn cash from these fishermen? What innovative things can be put in place to make this program huge across the Country?


  1. To get more of the public interested: Interview current record holders. How did they catch their winner? What was special that day? Any special techniques that could share? Have the videos available for online viewing (as well as YouTube, Google Video, etc.). Make sure that online videos feature your program’s website prominently.
  2. To get more $ from people registered in the program: Offer a workshop by the current record holders, where they’ll teach some of their secrets. Use the above videos as a teaser for the workshops.
  3. To get more people fishing in the state: Another video, this time focused on the places people fish. Not just the water, the facilities nearby, the great community of support companies. The Weather. The Hotels. The Campsites. Show how easy it is to get to some of the great spots (time from fly-in to drop hook, etc.).
  4. To attract existing fisherman to a new fishing context: Make all-in-one packages. Meet people at airport, drive to/from campsite/hotel, boat rental, drive to/from boat, rod rental, guide, packed meals, etc. Guarantee you’ll catch a fish or else… Have a program for the non-fishing people in the family: teach fishing, tour of town, art museums, live music shows, shopping trips, kid camp, etc.

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