How Can I Promote A New Book?

My company is now in the process of launching a new book. They asked me to help them think of ideas to launch this book and I need some help. We plan to release 2,000 copies to local bookstores and do some book signing. I’m planning to make a marketing plan for this project. But until now I don’t know how am I going to promote the book to its target market.


What’s the goal of the book? To make more money? To get PR for the author? To inspire others? Is there a desire to tie this book into a back-end seminar or coaching service?

If you want to sell books to make money: ensure you at least follow the traditional route. Get an ISBN. List it on, Google Books, etc. Create a website for the book. Get it reviewed (not necessarily by professional reviewers – it could be friends, people mentioned in the book, etc.) and publish the reviews.

If you want to garner PR: send out the book for free to all your existing clients. Give it away to all new contacts that you make both online and in-person (meetings, shows, etc.). Give copies to local service organizations to give away.

If you’re simply trying to inspire: Donate all profit will be donated to a charitable cause (and follow through). Ideally, make it clear that the book is being paid for out-of-pocket and ALL revenue (not just profit) will be donated. Have the charitable cause(s) help do PR to their mailing lists.

If you want a back-end product/service: Make sure that the book has a “contact for more information” page at the end. With each book sale, give the purchaser a free ticket to an upcoming workshop (or even, 2 tickets!). At the workshop, provide real value, and upsell another workshop, DVD, coaching group, etc.

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