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How Can I Promote A New Book?

My company is now in the process of launching a new book. They asked me to help them think of ideas to launch this book and I need some help. We plan to release 2,000 copies to local bookstores and do some book signing. I’m planning to make a marketing plan for this project. But until now I don’t know how am I going to promote the book to its target market.


What’s the goal of the book? To make more money? To get PR for the author? To inspire others? Is there a desire to tie this book into a back-end seminar or coaching service?

If you want to sell books to make money: ensure you at least follow the traditional route. Get an ISBN. List it on Amazon.com, Google Books, etc. Create a website for the book. Get it reviewed (not necessarily by professional reviewers – it could be friends, people mentioned in the book, etc.) and publish the reviews.

If you want to garner PR: send out the book for free to all your existing clients. Give it away to all new contacts that you make both online and in-person (meetings, shows, etc.). Give copies to local service organizations to give away.

If you’re simply trying to inspire: Donate all profit will be donated to a charitable cause (and follow through). Ideally, make it clear that the book is being paid for out-of-pocket and ALL revenue (not just profit) will be donated. Have the charitable cause(s) help do PR to their mailing lists.

If you want a back-end product/service: Make sure that the book has a “contact for more information” page at the end. With each book sale, give the purchaser a free ticket to an upcoming workshop (or even, 2 tickets!). At the workshop, provide real value, and upsell another workshop, DVD, coaching group, etc.

How Can I Inexpensively Market A Book?

Do you have an eBook or a physical book? Does the book have an ISBN #?

If you have an ISBN, then Amazon & Google Books are certainly appropriate places to get listed.

If you don’t, then you’ll be self-promoting your self-published book. As a minimum, provide a website for the [e]Book (or a page in your existing website’s store). Provide samples of the book’s contents, as well as price, size, number of pages, etc. You need to build trust in the prospective buyer.

Don’t forget free classified services, such as Craigslist, etc.

If the book is more than a how-to (i.e., it’s a personal story, etc.), then create a press release for it, and distribute it (there are lots of services, such as www.free-press-release.com).

If there are self-contained excerpts, publish them at various article banks online.

To get people interested in your book, post information where your target audience visits online. Likewise, try to get people to link to your book. If you have a blog, announce it.