How Can I Market Custom Designed Cribs?

We are a small furniture manufacturing company with an output of +/- 100 baby cots per month. We recently had to withdraw from our contract with baby outlets as we could not compete with import prices. Our product can however carry itself if we can reach the end user which naturally are pregnant women but is unsustainable with shops needing to mark up 120%. How do we reach our target market with low volumes of this type? Opening a shop or advertising in every magazine is out of the question because of low volumes. Do we need to rethink our business or just get out?


A website is ideal for this.

List your products on eBay, Amazon, etc. You’ll be stressing what makes your cribs unique. Get great close-ups photos of your cribs (including some with happy babies/parents around it).

List your products in online baby catalogs (search online for “baby catalog”). Offer to drop ship the cribs for the catalogs.

However, if your direct-to-consumer price still is higher than the outlet stores, you’ll need to focus on what makes yours better. Position your crib as a high-end model and prove it. Prove why it’s better than all the others.

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